Affordable Mortgage FL

Do you need an affordable mortgage in FL to purchase a home or refinance an existing home? Contact Savvy Mortgage Services to compare current mortgage rates among various loan products. When you call our office, we can give you the mortgage rates today so you can start searching for your dream home in beautiful Florida. We work hard to make sure our clients get the best mortgage rates and terms that fit their budgets. Don’t wait- it’s a buyer’s market in FL right now but the market is subject to change at any time.

Top Tips For Buying A Florida Home

1. If you’ve been turned down for a mortgage by your bank, you may have thought there was no other way to access a loan but the fact is, a conventional loan is only one avenue to homeownership. A mortgage broker from Savvy Mortgage Services can put you in touch with the best mortgage interest rate- oftentimes a better rate than you would have gotten from your personal banker. Don’t be discouraged by a single rejection notice; call our team at 786-527-0200.

2. Compare fixed rate vs. adjustable rate mortgages to find the best option for you. With assistance from our pros at Savvy Mortgage Services, you’ll find the perfect mortgage from the many products available. A fixed-rate loan could be the best option if rates are currently low, while an adjustable rate mortgage may be better if there’s a good chance that rates will drop in the future. By working with our experts, you’ll make the best decision when buying a home.

3. Ask our mortgage brokers about special rates for first-time home buyers and veterans and take advantage of programs that are designed to save you money. If you need a purchase loan, we highly recommend checking out the free resources on our website to get started. Access free reports and mortgage calculators in our ‘Tools’ section.

4. Get pre-qualified for a mortgage before making an offer on a home. Having pre-qualification will increase the likelihood that your offer will be accepted and, as a bonus, you’ll know your buying range before you start looking.

5. Look for a mortgage brokerage that can get you the funding you need quickly so you won’t miss out on a deal when you find one. Savvy Mortgage Services can guarantee fast funding from ‘A’ rated lenders who want your business. Instead of being told what interest rate you can access, you can shop multiple lenders to find lower rates and lower payments when you choose our brokerage.

Affordable Mortgage In Florida

Why settle for less than the very best rate you can find when you need a mortgage? Get a quote from our team at Savvy Mortgage Services when you call 896-527-0200 and let us help you choose the right type of mortgage from available programs. We believe buying your dream home should be an enjoyable time; we make it easy to get started with free website tools and resources.