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Are you a first-time home buyer or simply looking for an alternative mortgage plan to ease your buying process? You are likely studying and shopping for all types of mortgages in the market and want to ensure that your choice has the correct fees, down payments, and interest rates, among other deciding variables. Each mortgage in the market today has a unique set of benefits and standards, so take your time to find a bundle that blends perfectly with your budget and future South Florida Financing in FL.

Some Home Financing Options From Savvy Mortgage Services

Fixed Rate Vs. Adjustable Rate Loans

Fixed Rate  

This mortgage maintains the same interest rate and the monthly fee for the rest of its life. It is suitable for homeowners who will retain the home for the entire mortgage and have the funds to keep paying the same value for years. A fixed mortgage rate is what you need if you wish to avoid the uncertainties that could rock the real estate market and kick up the mortgage rates.

Adjustable Rate

The adjustable-rate mortgage offers a variable of mortgage interest rates to match the present economy or for a given period. Homebuyers can utilize these loans to lock in a lower rate when the national interest rates drop or if they wish to sell the home in the future because prospective buyers will find it easy to get the property when the rates drop.

Types Of Mortgage Providers


The mortgage loan requires a 20% down payment and could have an exciting low of as little as 3.5%. This fixed mortgage usually has a limit of approximately $417,000 and is suitable for borrowers who do not mind the inflexibility.


The loan is granted to active soldiers who have served for at least six consecutive years, 180 days during peace or 90 days during the war. The loan is only provided if the borrower intends to make the home their primary residence and when the home meets the basic requirements for a reasonable VA property mortgage rate today.

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100% Mortgage Financing

Homebuyers can get 100% financing if they have a credit score of 580 or more and intend to live in the home. 100% financing is only available for mortgages with 30 years and does not require any down payment. You want to get this loan if you wish to keep a good chunk of the balance in your account because you do not have to cover the down payment and if you are comfortable with making the property your permanent residence for the entire period of the mortgage.

Make sure you are comfortable with the monthly payments because loans that do not require a down payment will have a high-interest rate to cover the difference. Hence, you can still pay off the property within the standard 30-year mortgage period.

Do you wish to compare current mortgage rates? Typically, buyers want the exact mortgage numbers before signing off on the home, and we are ready to provide you with all that information and more when you send a message. Click here to get a quote for the best mortgage interest rates.